Merino Hug

Merino Hug

Merino Hug 100% ultra-fine merino

100g / 360m (393yards)

Hand wash at up to 30 degrees

Merino Hug is made from 100% ultra-fine merino. We use the highest quality merino that you can find on the market. Are you looking for a yarn with the ultimate cuddle factor? A 16 micron yarn that is almost as soft as cashmere? Then you‘ve come to the right place with Merino Hug!


Each dyed skein is unique. Even though fixed recipes are being used for each colourway, no two strands are 100% identical. That is why we highly recommend alternating two skeins of the same colourway on larger projects in order to achieve a more even knit and avoid colour pooling.

Even if it is a yarn with a superwash finish, we recommend washing the finished knitted piece by hand, carefully squeezing out excess water and letting it dry on a flat surface. This may take more time but it is much more gentle on the fibers and therefore your finished piece and its colours will last much longer.

After every dye process the yarn is carefully washed to make sure that there is no excess colour left in the yarn but some colours (especially red, orange, pink and purple) are still prone to bleed when washed. This is why we also recommend that if you are planning on using a lighter colour with a darker or more intense colour to first knit up a swatch and wash it, to see if there is any bleeding of colours.

We try to reproduce the colours in the photos as accurately as possible. Please note that depending on the device you are using, the colours may be displayed slightly differently due to different screen settings.